Successful Hotel Restorations: 4 Tips on Sustaining Quality While Keeping Costs Low

Hotel renovation is an expensive venture, with the material and construction costs rising each year. This makes it important to save on renovation costs without compromising the quality of your hotel when the project is done.

Because hoteliers are not experts in construction and structure restoration, it’s best to learn from the lessons gained from hotel and inn renovation projects in the past, as well as some tips from the industry experts.

Here are a few tips to help ensure a successful hotel renovation:

Build a strong working relationship with the project manager or contractor

The project manager can either make or break your hotel restoration project. Before you hire one, look for someone with vast experience in renovating hotels. And once you’ve got the perfect candidate, make him feel that he’s an advocate for your project instead of just doing it for the money.

Allocate for unexpected expenses

As they say, always expect the unexpected—and this cannot be truer in terms of restoring an old hotel. Set aside a contingency budget that has an extra 5% to 20% allocated for unforeseen problems such as plumbing, electrical, or mechanical issues that are missed during the inspection.

Maintain constant communication with the project team

People need to work in sync to avoid unnecessary costs and to speed up the execution of your hotel renovation project. To ensure that, regularly communicate with the project team—involve the brand teams, designers, project manager, contractors, purchasing agents, architect, and others.

Manage expectations

A successful hotel renovation needs to have project team members who understand what exactly is expected of them and when they’re expected to deliver. Failing to do so will result in unexpected delays and overspending.

Think of hotel renovation as a team sport—everyone needs to be accountable, which can only happen if responsibilities and expectation are clear cut.

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