Deep Cleaning Your Home’s Carpets

Often times, when you decide to host an event or get together at your home, you’ll have to take a few steps to tidy up the area and interior of the home. In some cases, you may want to possibly pursue an intensive deep-clean of your home, to make sure that all of the guests are comfortable.

For some individuals, a tidying up session of their home, such as picking up any objects laying around, wiping down the counters, taking out the garbage, and vacuuming the carpets is enough for preparing for an event!

However, if you are an individual who likes to go above and beyond to prepare for a special occasion, or just want to finally remove the dirt and grime that has been building up in your home’s carpeting and fabrics, you may want to pursue a full-service carpet cleaning experience.

Instead of opting for a carpet cleaning company such as BNK Chem-Dry to come in and deep clean your fabrics, you may want to pursue other options, such as renting out a carpet cleaning steamer from a home improvement store, or getting down and dirty with some elbow grease to take care of tough stains in your carpet.

Going through a carpet and upholstery cleaning company can be a fairly simply process if you do decide to have an outside company help out. These companies specialize in in-depth, thorough carpet cleaning processes that are non-toxic and safe for the entire family.

The companies associated with the Chem-Dry franchise all use an all-natural cleaning product to shampoo the fabrics they clean, leaving a lasting, healthy, refreshing clean.

If you are the type who likes to impress their friends and family by maintaining a truly clean and health home, then pursuing a carpet cleaning company to do a thorough cleaning of not only your floors, but your upholstery, furniture, and other areas in your home can be a great investment.

In general, having a deep clean of your home 1-2 times a year can have drastic improvements on your overall health conditions inside the home, such as air quality and levels of dirt/moisture/mildew. If your home’s carpet is older and has more deeply-ingrained dirt and grime, you may want to pursue a cleaning company to take care of it. The entire process is totally up to you.


If you opt to go for the do-it-yourself route, you may want to take one of two options:


  • Renting out a steam cleaner. Many individuals prefer to utilize their local home improvement stores steam cleaners for rent. In general, it is very cheap for an hour (or even daily) rental of the machine. Most of the time, you will have to pay for the shampoo separately from the machine, but it is still a good investment. This can be a good option if you want to spend a weekend like a Saturday or Sunday doing the carpet cleaning yourself. This can be a very cost-efficient way to get the deep clean that a typical carpet cleaning company would provide.


  • Scrubbing the carpet yourself. Some times, you may want to skip the cost of renting out a commercial steam cleaner, and decide to clean your carpets yourself with a DIY shampoo solution and some elbow grease. A good rule of thumb for a shampoo product that is organic and non-toxic for both family and home is to mix distilled white vinegar (not apple cider vinegar) with water, a little dish soap, and some essential oils. This will create a cleaning solution that smells great, and won’t leave any harmful residue or lasting chemical odors.


5 Creative Ways to Renovate Your Hotel for Superior Guest Experience and Higher Profits

Contrary to common misconception, a renovation isn’t done only to repair and old or damaged property. In the hospitality industry, hotel renovation is an investment to enhance customer experience, improve your brand image, and increase revenue in the process.

Build a grab-and-go café

If your property has no onsite restaurant, then providing a facility for your guests to grab convenient food on the go is a great idea. Guests who are in a hurry can just get a sandwich or pick up of cup of joe on their way out of your hotel. The result? Satisfied customers and increased income from the coffee bar.

Renovate the bathrooms

If your hotel’s bathrooms already look old and outdated, it’s time to give it a refreshing makeover. Replace the tiles, sinks, fixtures, and mirror with ones that have modern style. If yours is a luxury hotel and the baths don’t have a bathtub, it’ll be great to invest in hot tubs with jets for a more relaxing spa-like experience. Your guests will never complain!

Add some furniture

Do you have empty space on any open area in your hotel? Fill it out by adding several furniture pieces to create functional and stylish mini-lounges where your guests can hang out and socialize with family and friends.

Create a cozy hang-out space in the lobby

Rather than go to the local café, your guests can just sip coffee and relax in a third space you create in the lobby. To entice people, provide Wi-Fi connection and computer terminal with working printer. This way, your hotel also provides convenience to guests who are on a business trip or have business matters to attend to.

Why would you spend time and money for costly renovations for your hotel? Because you want the best experience possible for your guests. Once you see the returns on your investments, your hotel renovations will definitely be worth it.

Hotel Bathroom Renovation Tips: A Handy Guide for Hoteliers

Renovating the bathrooms in a hotel can be a great investment, as it can yield a 100% return on investment, according to studies. This means that while it’s a costly project, you can still profit a lot because it boosts your property’s resale value and you get to sell your hotel at a high price.

But before you proceed with overhauling your hotel bathrooms, keep in mind these tips from the pros.

Come up with a reasonable budget.

How much are you willing to spend? How much can you afford? Put your expectations in the right perspective. It’s an expensive project, both in terms of money, time, and resources, so you should plan your budget accordingly. Also, plan for any unforeseen expenses on undetected problems such as mechanical and structural issues. Include additional expenses for nay bathroom trends that you’d like to adopt for increasing the resale value of your property.

Determine the requirements for upgrading the hotel bathrooms.

Do your research to know the common bathroom dimensions such as floor size and to avoid mistakes in the planning process.

Don’t scrimp on bathroom lighting.

Ensure a well-lit space by providing ample budget for lighting, as most customer complaints about hotels is the poor lighting in bathrooms. You’ll need a set of lights per bathroom: waterproof light in the shower, dimmable lights on the ceiling, and accent lighting around the mirror. There should always be a group of overhead, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting in the bathroom for a great guest experience.

Ensure proper ventilation.

Install a vent or exhaust fan in the bathrooms so that moisture won’t make its way and cause unsightly mildew and molds. This way, you maintain the cleanliness and pristine quality of your newly renovated hotel bathrooms.

Always remember that renovation and repair of bathrooms should be done to make your guests’ stay more comfortable in your hotel, enhance feedback about your hotel’s facilities, and to generate higher profits in the long term.

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Successful Hotel Restorations: 4 Tips on Sustaining Quality While Keeping Costs Low

Hotel renovation is an expensive venture, with the material and construction costs rising each year. This makes it important to save on renovation costs without compromising the quality of your hotel when the project is done.

Because hoteliers are not experts in construction and structure restoration, it’s best to learn from the lessons gained from hotel and inn renovation projects in the past, as well as some tips from the industry experts.

Here are a few tips to help ensure a successful hotel renovation:

Build a strong working relationship with the project manager or contractor

The project manager can either make or break your hotel restoration project. Before you hire one, look for someone with vast experience in renovating hotels. And once you’ve got the perfect candidate, make him feel that he’s an advocate for your project instead of just doing it for the money.

Allocate for unexpected expenses

As they say, always expect the unexpected—and this cannot be truer in terms of restoring an old hotel. Set aside a contingency budget that has an extra 5% to 20% allocated for unforeseen problems such as plumbing, electrical, or mechanical issues that are missed during the inspection.

Maintain constant communication with the project team

People need to work in sync to avoid unnecessary costs and to speed up the execution of your hotel renovation project. To ensure that, regularly communicate with the project team—involve the brand teams, designers, project manager, contractors, purchasing agents, architect, and others.

Manage expectations

A successful hotel renovation needs to have project team members who understand what exactly is expected of them and when they’re expected to deliver. Failing to do so will result in unexpected delays and overspending.

Think of hotel renovation as a team sport—everyone needs to be accountable, which can only happen if responsibilities and expectation are clear cut.