4 Perfect Examples of Charming, Beautifully Renovated Old Hotels

There’s something captivating about historic hotels with their grandeur and elegant designs. And when they’re upgraded to exude modern style without losing their vintage charm, one can’t help but feel in awe of their majestic beauty. Here’s a quick look at some of the successful hotel renovations.

Miami Biltmore Hotel

Built almost a century ago, this luxury hotel located in Coral Gables, Florida has so many things to boast of, including being recognized as the tallest building in Florida until 1928. At one point, it was also home to the biggest pool in the world. It was also used as a shooting location for movies and TV shows such as “Miami Vice” and “CSI: Miami.”

That was Biltmore Hotel in the past. Now, this historic hotel is undergoing a facelift, with its main lobby already being enhanced. What to expect after its renovation completion by July 2017? A combined modern and traditional style, which will be showcased in the hotel’s new drapery, furniture, and materials. The hotel will also have wool carpets in deep blue, wood inlays, and blue and green tufted furniture.

Hotel Eden, Rome

The over-a-century-old Hotel Eden was reopened in April 2017 after a 17-month renovation period that built Roman-inspired interiors to make it more relaxed and homely. It has been also upgraded with three new and redesigned restaurants, expanded 98 rooms and suites, and a spa with a blow-dry bar.

The rooms and suites were reduced from 121 to 98 so that guests can enjoy better luxurious retrat. A notable room is a 2,000 sq-ft. suite that has a dining room, living room, and an exclusive elevator. Breathtaking views of the city can be enjoyed from the floor-to-ceiling windows in this suite.

Granville Inn, Ohio

Built in 1924, the Granville Inn was re-launched in 2015 after an eight-month renovation that refreshed the inn’s retro charm. The project costed around $9 million, which was spearheaded by the Denison University that bought the inn in 2013.

Among the upgrades are new ductwork, new cooling and heating systems, new bar, additional guest rooms, and an elevator.Plumbing and wires were replaced, and the roof was given a makeover with new downspouts and trim, copper gutters, and 4,000 pieces of slate. Cozy sitting rooms and marble-tiled bathrooms make the updated rooms look modern, brighter, and more refreshing. The former attic was converted into new guest rooms, making the total room count 36 in addition to three suites. And the former garage has become a meeting room that can accommodate 65 people, with the second floor being converted into guest rooms.

Madewood Plantation House, Louisiana

Originally a manor for sugarcane plantation that was built in the 1840s, the Madewood survived the Civil War and got renovated in 1964 to restore its former glory. Today, the old hotel still has the Parthenon-like columns on its façade, accentuated by chandeliers in the foyer. All the right guest rooms have unique interior decoration featuring spacious canopies, four-poster beds, and dark woods.

As these beautiful examples show, hotel renovation projects are well worth their cost and effort that was put in designing and rebuilding the structures.

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